Coupledom: Two Personalities

Merging two very distinct and different personalities

Coupledom consists of the merging of two very distinct and different personalities, each with specific wants and needs. Every person has a unique history and upbringing. Like it or not, this filters into the marriage. Our upbringing affects our perceptions and shapes our personality and our values.

The more self awareness you have, the better you are able to communicate, understand and connect with your partner. VR Marriage Therapy focuses on self awareness which leads to mutual understanding and appreciation. 

Common Myths

Do not believe in the following common myths. The following myths can be barriers to a healthier marriage:

  • All you need is love
  • Your partner should meet all of your needs
  • Children will make your marriage better and stronger
  • Marriage completes you
  • If you loved me, you would change
  • Marriage is constant


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