On Loving

Loving someone is recognizing that they are imperfect.

Part of loving someone is recognizing that they are imperfect. Just like you, they are imperfect! Understanding that concept and learning to live and value each other's differences can be difficult and complex. Yet, it is this complexity that ultimately creates a beautiful, lasting, fulfilling marriage/relationship. In order to love, we must first accept and commit to our own imperfections and flaws. As we learn to do this, we are better able to adapt and accept our mates and others.

We often think, “..if my partner loved me, he/she would change.” Through VR Marriage Therapy you will learn that  this misconception is a barrier in your marriage. Learn how to do things for your partner because you want to, not because you expect your partner to do the same for you. Acceptance and devotion is key for a long lasting relationship. Learn how to forgive those quirky things your partner does that drive you crazy. Come to VR Marriage Therapy and  move beyond the socks and towels on the floor!

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